Back from GDC 2012

GDC12 Flash Forward

Back from GDC 2012. This was my first public speaking experience. Nervous as hell but everything went great. The best part: when people asked questions during the Q&A, and afterwards, it became clear to me that they had actually understood what I said. And that is awesome! Will definitely do it again.

Meanwhile, the Keynote file I made is on the downloads page. Tried to convert it to PowerPoint but this makes a mess of the animations. And without the animations, the slides don’t make much sense. Might make a YouTube movie of it, when I have time.

[UPDATE: movie is now available!]

The subject: in games development we use the very same software that we develop. If the software breaks, we are working in the dark. Artists and designers can’t do their job. So we take measures to reduce the frequency of breakage. But that is not enough. The software will still break. Of course it will: it is still in development. And software that is in development is categorically imperfect. This talk is not about reducing breakage of software, but rather about reducing the impact when it does break.

GDC12 Room Program